What is Radiology?

Click the link above to see a 10 minute documentary touching on the history of radiology and the career of radiography (2 year program).

For those who pursue more in-depth studies, the careers of radiologist (a type of doctor/physician) and research scientist are available. On Wednesday, October 1st, David Saloner Ph.D., will talk to the Marin Science Seminar about radiologic techniques related to cardiovascular disease.

What is Radiology? Click to learn about careers in radiology and more.

Click below for a lecture on radiology for beginning medical students at UCSF Medical School. (1 hour, but interesting stuff within first 15 minutes)

Large Hadron Rap!

Here´s a pretty awesome rap about the mission of CERN´s gigantic particle accelerator in Switzerland. Get higgsy with it.


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