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2010 - 2011 Calendar (archive)

Marin Science Seminar sessions take place on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 - 8:30 at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael. (Download the Spring 2011 flyer here.)

SEPTEMBER Small and Unseen Worlds, Computer Graphics for Animation

8: "Nanoscience Now (Let's move atoms one by one and watch them with powerful microscopes!)" with Miquel Salmeron, Ph.D.
15:Cartoon Physics - How Scientists and Artists Make Pixar Films" with Rod Bogart of Pixar
22: "Ants: The Invisible Majority " with Brian Fisher, Ph.D.
29: "Homeless Nemo: What Does the Future Hold for Coral Reef Communities?" with Vania Coelho Ph.D.

NOVEMBER Physics for Tackling Today’s Political Problems

10: "Physics for Future Presidents" with Richard Muller, Ph.D.

DECEMBER The Gift of Seahorses

8: "Seahorses: Amazing, Threatened Fishes of the Coastal Oceans" with Healy Hamilton, Ph.D

Spring 2011

26: "Life in the Slow Lane - Peristaltic Locomotion in Sea Cucumbers" with Diara Spain, Ph.D.


9: "X-Rays Don't Really Give Your Superpowers: How Cells Fix DNA Breaks" with David Toczyski, Ph.D.
16:Invention in Medicine: How Medical Devices get Invented and Go to Market with Art Wallace, MD, PhD (Nanocrystals rescheduled for Fall 2011)


9: "Challenges of an Aquatic Biologist" with Pamela Schaller, Senior Biologist
21: (Monday!): "Space Physiology: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Living in Space" with Liz Warren, Ph.D.


20: "This is Mission Control" with Jay Trimble of NASA-Ames