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ARCHIVE: 2015 - 2016 Calendar

Marin Science Seminar sessions take place on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 - 8:30 at Terra Linda High School room 207 in San Rafael. Internship Info. Click Here. -

Download the Spring 2016 Schedule here

NOVAMarin Science Seminar partnered again with NOVA Education this November. This time NOVA is helping promote geology education and Making North America, an exciting new geology series airing fall 2015 on PBS and hosted by renowned paleontologist Kirk Johnson. NOVA has donated swag & raffle prizes for our seminars. Flyer here.


9: "Into the Woods with Marine Biology: Sunken wood in the deep sea and the critters that call it home" with Jenna Judge PhD of UC Berkeley

30: "Botulinum Toxin: Beauty and the Beast" with Erik Foehr PhD of Pacific Biolabs


7: "Emerging Issues in Public Health: Climate Change, e-Cigarettes and More" with Julie Pettijohn MPH, CIH of the California Dept. of Public Health

21: "The Case of the Disappearing Pollinators: When Bees Fall Prey to Carnivorous Plants"" with Amber Sciligo PhD of UC Berkeley

24: (Sat): Local, Free Science Event: North Bay Science Discovery Day - Bay Area Science Festival @Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, 10:30 am - 4pm Details here

NOVEMBER - Geology! - NOVA NOVEMBER - Flyer here

4: "Paleoclimate: Patterns of Warming and Cooling over 550 Million Years" with Douglas Charlton PhD of Charlton International

7: (Sat): Local, Free Science Event: Science Discovery Day - Bay Area Science Festival @ AT&T Park, 11am - 4pm Details here

18: "The Really Big One: Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest" with Diego Melgar PhD of UC Berkeley's Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science


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Spring 2016 - Download the Spring 2016 Schedule here


10: School-to-Career applications for Spring 2015 Marin Science Seminar Internship due

FEBRUARY - Fresh Air February

10: "Sitting by a Cozy Fire – Wood burning, Air Quality & Your Health" with Eric Stevenson of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District

24: "What's Getting into Your Lungs?: The Effects of Smoke, Ozone, Allergens & More" with Mehrdad Arjomandi of UCSF and the VAMC SF

MARCH - Flyer here

9: "Ocean Acidification and Exoskeletons" with Diara Spain of Dominican University

16: "Biology in Space: Understanding How Luke Skywalker, Mark Watney, and Captain Jean Luc-Picard Survive" with Sarah D. Mitchell of NASA-Ames

30: "California Groundwater: The Impacts of a Shrinking Supply" with Greg Kamman of Kamman Hydrology


20: "The Coming Dementia Epidemic: Is Alzheimer's Preventable?" with Deborah Barnes of UCSF

Free Local Science Events for Young People & Community:


Other Free, North Bay Science Talks for Teens & Community: