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Cyane Dandridge, M.A.

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: Innovations for Combating Climate Change: Clean Energy, Green Building & Energy Efficiency Get the flyer here. (November 13, 2013)

Previous presentation: “Building and Unbuilding a Climate Change Crisis". (November 28, 2012)

Cyane Dandridge is the executive director and founder of Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI). Cyane has experience establishing new business concepts and in combining a technical and a policy-oriented approach to clean energy, green buildings and energy efficiency. Cyane's work is published in books, journals and conference proceedings. At SEI, Cyane helps to enable communities to embrace clean energy and energy efficiency, green buildings, economic development, and sustainable communities. She believes sustainability will only work when communities consider the environment, economics, and equity. Her primary focus is on underserved market sectors such as local jurisdictions, schools, small businesses, and multifamily and affordable housing. She is also the executive director for the School of Environmental leadership, and helped to design and launch the first one, the Marin School of Environmental Leadership in partnership with Terra Linda High School.

Cyane received her master's degree in building technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her work in international energy policies and technologies. She also holds a BA in Physics from Reed College.




Cyane Dandridge

Strategic Energy Innovations

Marin School of Environmental Leadership at TLHS


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Unbuilding a Climate Change Crisis with Cyane Dandridge of Strategic Energy Initiatives from Marin Science Seminar on Vimeo.