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Greg Kamman, P.G., CGH

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: “California Groundwater: The Impacts of a Shrinking SupplyGet the March 2016 flyer here. (March 30, 2016)

Greg Kamman, PG, CHG, is a geologist and hydrologist whose work focuses on ecological habitat restoration. With roots and training in the geologic sciences, Greg's interests and expertise include characterizing and modeling watershed scale hydrologic and geomorphic processes; designing and implementing surface water-groundwater interaction studies; and conducting supporting field investigations to characterize and quantify stream flow, tidal exchange, sedimentation, and water quality. In addition to hydrology duties, Mr. Kamman also helps lead his firm's engineering design and construction monitoring efforts, provides technical litigation support and frequently teaches seminars on wetland and stream restoration through U.C. Berkeley Extension and San Francisco State University's College of Extended Learning.

Previous Presentation: “The Role of Physical Sciences in Restoring Ecosystems” Greg Kamman is an earth scientist with over twenty five years of technical and consulting experience in the fields of geology, surface and groundwater hydrology and geomorphology. His San Rafael-based consulting practice focuses primarily on restoring sensitive wetland and stream ecosystems for rare and endangered fish, wildlife and vegetation. Mr. Kamman works throughout California and in Hawaii, splitting much of his time between office and field. Many projects take multiple years of planning and design to see through to construction. Ecosystem restoration is also a multi-disciplined effort, so he routinely collaborates closely with biologists/botanists, ecologists, planners, engineers, and regulatory and resource agency staff. Get the flyer here. (November 7, 2012)


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The Role of Physical Sciences in Restoring Ecosystems with Greg Kamman from Marin Science Seminar on Vimeo.