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Jenna Judge, Ph.D.

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: "Into the Woods with Marine Biology: Sunken wood in the deep sea and the critters that call it home" (September 9, 2015) Get the flyer here

We've all seen driftwood on the beach, but did you know that enough wood makes it to the sea floor that specialized animal communities use it as a home and some can even eat it? In this talk, you'll dive to the depths of Monterey Bay with Dr. Judge to explore the diversity of animals that colonize sunken wood and the role that wood type, shape, and texture plays in shaping the animal communities that colonize it.

Jenna Judge is a recent doctoral graduate of the department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. She grew up in South Lake Tahoe and went to college for her BS in aquatic biology at UC Santa Barbara. A life-long passion for nature and an intense curiosity for the deep-sea drove her to pursue research, and now she is seeking to apply her big picture perspective to solving environmental problems and engaging the public while doing so. You can find Jenna on LinkedIn and more about her research and travel adventures on her website,


Jenna Judge PhD

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