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Pavlo Manovi

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: "UAV Online: The Challenges of Engineering Autonomous Drones for the Open World" with Pavlo Manovi, TLHS grad and junior at UC Santa Cruz (September 19, 2012) Download the flyer here.

Interview with Pavlo Manovi by MSS intern Sandra Ning

This presentation will introduce the SLUGS autonomous development platform being developed at UC Santa Cruz's Autonomous Systems Lab.  Pavlo will discuss the goals, the science/ aerodynamics/ controls/ programming/ physics aspects of the project, and the challenges and considerations faced in adapting SLUGS for the open source world.  There will be hands-on demonstrations and Q/A.

Pavlo Manovi is an alumnus of Terra Linda High School who studies robotics engineering at UC Santa Cruz. His interest in research stems from his love of prototyping and the prospect of learning and collaborating with like-minded, creative, intelligent individuals on the forefront of their field. Pavlo is a two time winner of the Marin Physics Olympics, and is a strong advocate for youth education in robotics and engineering. Pavlo hopes to build bridges between constituencies in the open source community and ensure the flow of free information in STEM fields. Pavlo plans to pursue a PhD in controls.


Pavlo Manovi

Autonomous Systems Lab at UC Santa Cruz

Piezoelectric Pie (Pavlo's website)

SLUGS: Santa Cruz Low-cost UAV GNC System

R.S.V.P. now on Facebook here: