Marin Science Seminar  
at Terra Linda High School  
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Rob Scofield MPH D.Env.

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: “It's TOXIC! The Science of Toxicology and Health Risk Assessment” Through two case studies (one for a consumer product and one for an environmental release) the science of toxicology and health risk assessment will be described.  The application of health risk assessment and the role of the risk assessor to private business decisions and public policy decisions will also be discussed.   The various kinds of training a person interested in this subject area could pursue will be briefly discussed as well. (April 16, 2008)

Dr. Scofield is a toxicologist and risk assessor for ENVIRON International, an environmental and health sciences consultancy. He holds a Master's in Public Health and a Doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering from UCLA. From the ENVIRON website: (Dr. Scofield has) "more than 27 years of experience in risk assessment, specifically managing or performing health risk assessments for over 50 Proposition 65 cases and over 100 hazardous waste sites including major Superfund sites, petroleum release sites, town gas sites, and other industrial waste disposal or spill sites."

Rob Scofield

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