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Jay Trimble, M.S.

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: "This is Mission Control" with Jay Trimble of NASA. NASA’s space exploration missions are guided by teams of mission controllers on the ground. Whether it’s the control of robots that extend our senses to the surface of distant planets, telescopic eyes that peer deep into the universe with multi-spectral vision, or human beings on a space station or the surface of the Moon, mission control is there. This is the story of what we do in mission control. (May 21, 2014, April 20, 2011) Download flyer here

Jay Trimble founded and leads the User Centered Technology (UCT) Group at NASA Ames Research Center. The UCT group uses teams of people with different backgrounds, including design, anthropology and computer science, to build software for mission control for human and robotic spaceflight.

Prior to leading the UCT Group at NASA Ames, Jay proposed and led the Mars Exploration Rover Human Centered Computing Project, building a multi-disciplinary team to work
with the Jet Propulsion Lab to bring process and technology improvements to Mars Rover Operations.

Previous experience includes being a flight controller for the space shuttle, and a science support team member for the 
Voyager Spacecraft encounter with Neptune. M.S. Computer Science from the University of Southern California, B.A. in
Geology from the University of California, Berkeley


Jay Trimble of NASA
Jay Trimble of NASA

NASA-Ames Website

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This is Mission Control - Jay Trimble of NASA from Marin Science Seminar on Vimeo.