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Raymond A. Swanson, M.D.

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: "How we Know What we Know about the Brain” (formerly “The Case of the Knocked-Out Neuron: Why brain neurons die and how we can save them”) Dr. Swanson will talk about how we have learned what we know about the brain and about his work's impact on Alzheimer's disease and stroke. He will also talk about how scientists work to figure out why neurons die and what can be done to keep them alive. (March 25, 2009; January 25, 2012) [Download flyer here ]

Dr. Swanson attended college and Medical School at the University of Michigan, and Neurology residency training at the University of California San Francisco. He subsequently completed research fellowships at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and also at Stanford University. His current research concerns oxidative stress and energy metabolism in diseases affecting neuronal survival. He is Professor and vice-Chair of Neurology at UCSF, and Chief of the Neurology Service at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center.


Raymond Swanson MD

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How We Know What We Know about the Brain with Raymond Swanson, M.D. teaser video by MSS intern Aaron Bursten on Vimeo.

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